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For your convenience, ORBIDA offers the following list of available providers, in alphabetical order.


Please remember to review our disclaimers regarding information and resources displayed on our web site. The listing of a given provider on our site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of that provider for any purpose.

  • Anthony, Cheryl, M.S. Ed. 
    Successful Learning Educational Services LLC
    10000 NE 7th Ave., Suite 120
    Vancouver, WA 98685 
    IDA Professional Member - Master's Level Barton Tutor, Handwriting Specialist, Seeing My Time (Sklar Method) Specialist. In-depth assessments for dyslexia, and consulting with a clinical psychologist to provide assessments for ADHD and other learning disabilities. Screening for dysgraphia. Handwriting Specialist, Certified Barton Tutor at Masters Level with over 10 years of experience at all levels of severity, MS Education with Reading Endorsement, K-12. Over 10 years of classroom teaching experience, as well experience mentoring other tutors and directing services in school settings. In-service and/or consultation for public and private schools. Tutoring provided for auditory discrimination difficulties, reading comprehension, penmanship, English grammar, time management, and math challenges with time, money, and multiplication facts.
    Website: www.successfullrng.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/successfullearning.wa  
  • Arnold, Kelly (Owner) 
    Better Learning Solutions
    15862 SW Bristlecone Way
    Tigard, OR 97223 
    IDA Professional Member – Certified Screener for Dyslexia, Certified Barton Tutor at the Masters Level. Better Learning Solutions offers expert screenings and treatment of dyslexia and dysgraphia. Employs the Barton Reading and Spelling program, LIPS, and the Handwriting without Tears program.
    Website: www.betterlearningsolutions.net 
  • Balsiger, Linda, M.S., CCC-SLP, Director 
    Bend Language & Learning
    233 SW Wilson Ave, Suite 2
    Bend, OR 97702-3162 
    IDA Professional Member - Bend Language & Learning provides expert diagnosis and treatment of language-based learning disabilities, with a specialty in dyslexia. Certified Dyslexia Testing Specialist. Website: www.bendlanguageandlearning.com 
  • Barton, Susan (Founder) 
    Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
    2059 Camden Ave, Ste 186
    San Jose, CA 95124-2024 
    IDA Member - Information and resource center - providing research-based information on dyslexia for parents, teachers, tutors and other professionals. Our website has 8 videos on dyslexia that you can watch for free. For a list of providers in your area please send an e-mail to Susan. Website: www.brightsolutions.us 
  • Borenstein, Sasha , MA (Education Specialist) 
    730 Park Street
    Ashland, OR 97520 
    IDA Professional member - Masters degree in Special Education with California & Nevada Special Education Teaching Certificates . Provides academic evaluations in literacy and mathematics. Provides remediation for dyslexia, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. Training in Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars Program and LiPs Program. Uses Step Up to Writing, Isabelle Beck’s vocabulary development, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and multiple reading comprehension strategies. 
  • Budden, Diane M.W., M.S. Ed., Director 
    Northwest Reading Clinic, Inc.
    7000 SW Hampton St, Ste 240
    Tigard, OR 97223-8362 
    IDA Professional Member - NWRC is a diagnostic, testing, and treatment center for the remediation of reading, spelling and comprehension disorders (dyslexia and Specific Learning Disabilities). Students attend one-on-one sessions with experienced clinicians. No Child Left Behind approved provider. Website: www.northwestreadingclinic.com 
  • Chavez, Diane Daly, M.A. 
    2368 Emerald Drive NW
    Salem, OR 97304 
    IDA Professional Member - Provides targeted instruction in reading, writing and math that builds on the strengths of students. Reading and TESOL-endorsed certified teacher with 20 years of classroom experience working with diverse learners. Trained in "Starting Over" by Joan Knight, and "The Writing Road to Reading" by Spalding, among others.  
  • Cohen, Jean, M.Ed., Owner 
    Reading Toolkit, LLC, The
    3004 SE 57th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97206-2025 
    IDA Professional Member - Specific emphasis on phonemic awareness, and the rules of phonics and their use in reading and spelling. I also address fluency, sight word knowledge, comprehension issues, and written language skills. Website: www.thereadingtoolkit.com 
  • Craker, Alison, LPC 
    New Leaves Clinic
    1575 NE Arrington Road
    Hillsboro, OR 97124 
    IDA Professional Member. Education diagnostician. Therapist for ADHD/LD. Basic training in the Sklar Process® - Visual Tools for Executive Functioning Success.
    Website: NewLeavesClinic.com 
  • Cuddy, Laurie E., Fellow/AOGPE 
    1910 Talent Ave.
    Talent, OR 97540-6621 
    IDA Professional Member - Tutor, teacher trainer, workshop presenter, 25 years of experience teaching students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Website: www.roguevalleylearning.com 
  • Edwards, Jo A., MSEd, Special Needs Consultant 
    Basic Skills Assessment & Educational Services
    19146 S Molalla Ave
    Oregon City, OR 97045-8975 
    IDA Professional Member - Consultation services to home school parents with special needs students, providing a Privately Developed Plan as required by the home school OARs when necessary. Tutoring based on the Slingerland method (Orton-Gillingham). Testing to evaluate academic and cognitive strengths and weaknesses (Woodcock-Johnson, etc.) 
  • Farmer, Susan 
    Academic Learning Solutions
    825 West Vista Avenue South
    Salem, OR 97302-5578 
    IDA Member - Diagnosis and remediation of dyslexia. Tutoring (reading, writing, spelling, math) using scientific research-based programs. Administer academic assessments and diagnostic tools to determine instructional needs, i.e., Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing; DIBELS; Slingerland. Parent advocate for special education IEP's, coach parents to advocate. Home-school special needs services: testing; Private Developed Plans; consultations. Website: www.AcademicLearningSolutions.com  
  • Fishman, Linda PhD. 
    Insight Psychological Services
    2153 SW Main Street, Suite 102
    Portland, OR 97205 
    IDA Professional Member - Doctor Fishman is clinical director of Insight Psychological Services, a group practice specializing in diagnostic assessment of learning problems, attention deficits, and psychological disorders.
    Website: www.insightpsych.net 
  • Language Skills Therapy 
    10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway
    Suite 470-2
    Beaverton, OR 97005-3019 
    IDA Institutional Member - Since 1960 Language Skills Therapy, a group of twenty-five educational therapists, has offered diagnosis, evaluation and remedial therapy for individuals with developmental dyslexia (Specific Learning Disability). When remediation is indicated and requested, our therapists use the Orton-Gillingham approach to teach reading, writing and spelling curriculum. Website: www.languageskillstherapy.org 
  • Leinhos, Connie, M.Ed. 
    17120 SW Hart Way
    Aloha, OR 97007 
    IDA Member. I am a certified Barton Reading and Spelling tutor. I would be able to do pre-screening of students to determine if they were ready for the Barton program. I would be able to provide instruction and the materials for student in the Barton program. 
  • Meyerowitz, Lynne, M.Ed. 
    1336 SW Texas St.
    Portland, OR 97219 
    IDA Professional Member. Tutoring in (1) Reading -- Certified in the Barton Reading and Spelling System; trained in LIPS; (2) Handwriting -- Handwriting Without Tears; and (3) Writing Composition 
  • New Leaves Clinic 
    Cynthia Arnold, PhD
    Michael Friedrichs, PhD
    Alison Craker, LPC
    1575 NE Arrington Road
    Hillsboro, OR 97124 
    IDA Lifetime Member. We provide testing and treatment of ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, anxiety/depression and behavior. We integrate neurological, academic, behavior, and emotional information to provide intervention and advocacy.
    Website: NewLeavesClinic.com
  • O'Mahony, Colleen, MSpEd, Educ Diagnostician 
    Multnomah Educational Testing, LLC
    9347 SW 12th Dr
    Portland, OR 97219-4203 
    IDA Professional Member - Multnomah Educational Testing offers diagnostic educational evaluations for all kinds of learners, K-12. We can evaluate for Specific Learning Disabilities, provide recommendations for parents, students and teachers, and share clear, pro-child insights. Website: www.multnomahtesting.com 
  • Resnick, Marla MS 
    17601 S Dick Drive
    Oregon City, OR 97045 
    (503) 550-0477
    Speech Language Pathologist, Reading Specialist
    IDA Professional Member - I specialize in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of speech/articulation disorders, language impairments, and reading and writing impairments. I work with students in their homes and in private schools. Barton Reading & Spelling System.
    Website: www.marlaresnick.com 
  • Root, Donna, M.Ed. 
    13645 SW Nahcotta Drive
    Tigard, OR 97223-5776 
    IDA Member - I teach multi-sensory phonics and reading comprehension. I teach writing composition and grammar skills, have taught this at PCC for six years. I also teach basic math skills, taught this at PCC for six years. I have taught every subject in Special Education and to Second Language students for many years. I also teach listening skills, and study skills, and social skills to students of all ages. I wrote reading and writing curricula for the Gateway to College program at PCC. 
  • Shapiro, Sanford, Director 
    Bend Learning Center
    404 SW Columbia St, Ste 140
    Bend, OR 97702-3453 
    IDA Professional Member - Educational services for children and adults with dyslexia and related language-learning differences. Direct individual and small group (Orton-Gillingham based) tutorials. Educational evaluations, boarding school placement, teacher/tutor/parent training available as well. Website: www.bendlearningcenter.com 
  • Silaphath, Michon 
    Silaphath Dyslexia Consulting
    2227 W. 14th St.
    The Dalles, OR 97058 
    IDA Professional Member - Certified Barton Reading and Spelling System Tutor. Can provide screening, tutoring and advice for dyslexia in the Columbia River Gorge. Children and Adults welcome. Making learning better for all. 
  • Sklar, Marydee, B.A. 
    2805 SW Mitchell St.
    Portland, OR 97239 
    IDA Professional Member. Creator of "The Sklar Process" that teaches time management and paper organization from the perspective of brain devlopment and executive functioning. Designed for individuals, families, and groups. 5th grade through adults. Consulting and training available for schools, business, and specialists.
    Website: www.ExecutiveFunctioningSuccess.com  
  • Soule, Myrna - M.Ed., MPA (Dyslexia/LD Specialist) 
    Wise Choice Educational Solutions
    10175 SW Barbur Blvd. #204B
    Portland, OR 97239 
    IDA Member
    * Provide Assessments
    * Educational consultations
    * Teach reading, writing, spelling by expert Slingerland
    instructors (children - adults)
    * Parent and professional training site
    * ADHD and life skills coaching, plus parent training

    Our goal is for all people to reach their fullest potential. 
  • Steinberg, Barbara, M.Ed. (Dyslexia Consultant) 
    PDX Reading Specialist, LLC
    P.O. Box 93
    West Linn, OR 97068 
    IDA Member - Certified Teacher and Reading Specialist. We provide comprehensive assessment for dyslexia and individualized tutoring using the Barton program. We welcome children, teens, and adults. Creating confident and capable readers and writers.
    Website: www.pdxreadingspecialist.com 
  • Thomson, Susan J., B.A. 
    8062 SW 33rd Place
    Portland, OR 97219 
    IDA member - Orton-Gillingham Associate level tutor of spelling, reading and writing. I completed my training in 2007 under the supervision of Dorothy Blosser Whitehead and Cathy Wyrick, director of Portland’s The Blosser Center for Dyslexia Resources - Six years of experience working privately and in schools. 
  • Walsh-Coughlan, Tricia, M.S. Ed 
    411 E 29th St.
    Vancouver, WA 98333 
    IDA Professional Member - Provides educational and tutoring services. Specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults on pre reading, reading, math, grammar and writing, spelling, study and organizational skills. Website: www.vancouvercounselingandtutoring.com 
  • Winchester, Natalie, M.Ed. 
    Heads Up Tutoring Studio
    2100 Volpp St.
    West Linn, OR 97068 
    IDA Professional Member - Private dyslexia screening and tutoring services, certified in the Barton Reading and Spelling System. 12 week Face-to-Face cognitive training program using curriculum from the Academic Success of Kentucky. Math tutoring available using the very successful Touch Math educational program. Consultation services to home school families, in either delivery of lessons or creating an academic plan for students with learning differences. IEP and 504 support. Website: www.headsup.vpweb.com 
  • Wyrick, Catherine Wood, M.S. 
    Blosser Center for Dyslexia Resources
    6327-C SW Capitol Hwy PMB 159
    Portland, OR 97239 
    503-234-4060 (T/TH)
    IDA Professional Member. Catherine Wood Wyrick M.S. is Director of The Blosser Center for Dyslexia Resources that provides Orton-Gillingham tutoring in reading, writing and spelling; academic assessment; and professional development courses for teachers and tutors. Our training is accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. Website: www.theblossercenter.org